Reaching Perfection

High functionality and streamlined design are the key ingredients of modern interior.
With their seductive curves and tight designs, the SWAY series' three variants, SWAY D, SWAY D2 and SWAY Uni, are proof of the perfect union between masculine stringency and feminine shapes. The sweeping and delicate design is hand-crafted in the initial design stages by Pressalit's in-house designer Lars Herold.

World class design
60 years of design experience focused on tasteful design and comfort has led to the prestigious Red Dot Award - the biggest international recognition in the design world. The jury was impressed by the Sway D's sharp elegance and soft fit. The toilet seat was hailed as a unique Scandinavian quality product with a special added touch in the form of the new Pressalit brand element - the tiny steel emblem on the toilet seat that creates a timeless look. A statement that reflects an exclusive understanding of design in a minimalist setting. It's the simple and beautiful things that turn a bathroom into your own design room.

Stylish fit
The seat fits many bowls and is a sure match. The durable design withstands everyday use and ensures optimum comfort. The seat is colour ingrained which means that eventual scratches remain invisible.


Feather-light luxury

SWAY's soft-close function means that it only takes a gentle nudge to close the seat in a smooth movement.



The design ensures easy cleaning. Remove the seat from the toilet in one simple movement for thorough cleaning.