New toilet requires a matching toilet seat

What's the point of an expensive new toilet if the toilet seat is not of the same quality, or if it doesn't fit properly on the toilet bowl?

When you buy a new toilet, it is usually not the toilet seat you base your decision on. And often a toilet seat comes with it, or your bathroom fitter will find one that looks nice.

Perfect fit for your new toilet

If you are looking for a matching toilet seat for your new toilet, check that it fits the toilet properly. It shouldn't only look nice on the toilet bowl, but should also be comfortable to sit on and be made from a durable quality.

We have gathered a few examples for you, so you can see what can go wrong if you don't find a toilet seat that perfectly fits your new toilet. Use our fit list to guide you to the right toilet seat, or contact us for advice and guidance.  

The toilet seat here perfectly fits the square toilet bowl.

The D-shaped toilet seat can be fitted to the toilet bowl, but is clearly a poor match.

Gorgeous straight lines that highlight a perfect match between toilet seat and bowl.

The toilet seat is not level with the toilet bowl's sides or front and shows a poor fit.

An integrated whole, where the toilet seat and bowl are perfectly combined. 

The toilet seat feels heavy and cumbersome on top of the bowl.