Design history

We are used to defying standard thought processes and challenging the expected with a new image of the toilet seat.

Our tradition of working with some of the design industry's leading players is both strong and long. We dare to challenge and surprise, because good design requires you to keep moving and keep experimenting with your expression.

The world's first designed toilet seat

Our design heritage was founded in 1966, when we launched the world's first designed toilet seat: Pressalit Comfort. This changed the industry's vision of shape and colour and set new standards for functional design.

Supported by known designers

Since then, well-known designers and agencies from at home and abroad have sketched, drawn and finely tuned their version of the genuine Pressalit toilet seat: Sigvard Bernadotte and Acton Bjørn, Luigi Colani, Louise Lepoix, Knud Holscher, Frog Design, Doodle artists Sune Ehlers and Jon Burgerman and many others.

Artistic toilet seats

There were plenty of unusual toilet seats when we introduced the Pressalit Art Gallery in 2005. Here 8 Danish designers were given the task of interpreting a toilet seat using their own work materials. It resulted in many exciting and humorous toilet seats. For example, Madonna was given her very own toilet seat "Tribute to Madonna" to take home after her concert in Horsens in 2006.

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