Pressalit wins three Red Dot Design awards

In connection with this year’s Red Dot Design Awards in Germany, Pressalit has been rewarded with three awards. The products that have been rewarded are: the PLUS support arm, the Pressalit Spira toilet seat and the Pressalit Projecta Solid Pro toilet seat. Red Dot has eventually become the international stamp of quality, when it comes to design, that all design companies strive to get. The Red Dot has a significant brand value in the marketing of products and it can be used to spread the word about Pressalit as a company and their products.

Read more about Red Dot and the three award-winning products here.

Red Dot Award. Read more

Pressalit PLUS support arm 700 mm

The support arm with its 700 mm length complies with the German DIN regulations and it can be adjusted in terms of height when it is mounted on Pressalit’s tracks. Read more

Pressalit Spira

A toilet seat designed in collaboration with Knud Holscher from Holscher Design. It has been adapted to Ifö’s new bowl Spira. The design is innovative in its shape as the curve from lid to seat has not been seen before and because it has a light and elegant expression. However, this seat is only available for the Scandinavian markets.

Pressalit Projecta Solid Pro

A toilet seat designed with an extraordinary strength and stability intended for use in for instance airports, institutions, hospitals and other public spaces. It has been developed with an integrated soft-close function, which causes the seat to slowly close on the bowl after use. Moreover, the hinge is encapsulated which causes optimal hygiene as dirt cannot gather in the hinge. As the name suggests, the hinge is extra solid with more stability than normal toilet seats and it can resist a high amount of weight. Read more.

Support arm

Pressalit PLUS support arm, 700 mm


Pressalit Spira

Projecta Solid Pro

Pressalit Projecta Solid Pro