World Toilet Day

Pressalit highlights World Toilet Day to raise awareness about sanitary conditions around the world

In 2013, the United Nations designated 19 November as World Toilet Day. Since then, the day has drawn particular attention to everyone’s right to access a toilet. At Pressalit, sanitation is a natural part of our daily lives. We design toilet seats for the style-conscious consumer every day. The consumer of the modern world, where water, sanitation and hygiene are a matter of course. 

However, we also have a responsibility when it comes to the lack of sanitation in developing countries. Approximately 2.4 billion people worldwide still live without a toilet, and they are often living under political conditions where corruption creates unimaginable inequalities in relation to health, gender and economy. World Toilet Day focuses on these inequalities. As set out in the UN Sustainable Development Goals from 2015, the goal is to ensure access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene for all by 2030 – a goal, which Pressalit wishes to support and contribute to.

With no toilets, disaster is never far away. Open defecation is not only harmful for the environment it also has significant consequences for human health. Ninety per cent of sewage in developing countries is discharged directly into the sea, lakes or rivers. Fatal diseases are the consequence – typhoid, polio and diarrhoea kill hundreds of thousands of children under the age of five every year.   

The most important function of the toilet is to ensure hygiene and protect the environment. However, it also supports basic human needs – namely dignity and privacy. In this part of the world, it is about having a quiet moment to oneself. In fact, we spend as much as three months of our lives on the toilet – quality time, where we often bring our phone. 

By contrast, every year women in developing countries spend countless hours trying to find a secluded place where they will not be harassed and assaulted.
Access to water, sanitation and hygiene for everyone will change the world. No invention has saved more lives than the toilet. A proper infrastructure is the first step in the fight against the global sanitation challenge. At Pressalit, we are helping to raise awareness of the world’s inequalities. We need to act. Now.