SWAY D – Reaching perfection

With its delicate and tasteful design, SWAY D is as much a decorative element in the bathroom as it is a toilet seat.

SWAY D introduces a feather-light sweeping line to the simple, Nordic look. The slim curved profile is the result of many hours of shaping by hand during the initial design phases. The effect is a tight, streamlined look, which makes SWAY D the perfect choice for the more discerning minimalist. The new seat has been designed by Pressalit’s in-house designer Lars Herold. With SWAY D, he has designed a new design range that incorporates a feminine look with masculine elements in Pressalit’s product palette. With its well-composed lines, SWAY D demonstrates how slimness and self-assurance can work together. Spoil yourself with a seat that is the perfect match for your stylish lifestyle.

We are driven by trendsetting and adding minimalist and aesthetic beauty to our seats, down to the last detail. That is why you will find a certain finesse on the side of your SWAY D, in the form of the new Pressalit branding. The emblem is not a name tag, but your guarantee of a unique Scandinavian design product. It is a mark of quality for a stylish choice and distinct comfort, which you can enjoy every day for many years.

LIFT-OFF - Easy cleaning. With a simple movement, the seat is removed from the toilet for thorough cleaning. The bathroom is always welcoming.

SOFT CLOSING - Feather-light luxury. A gentle nudge is all it takes to close the seat in a smooth movement.

PERFECT FIT - A sure match. The seat fits many toilets, including the Keramag iCon, Keramag Renova Nr. 1, Sphinx 300 and Sphinx 345. Optimum comfort guaranteed.

GUARANTEED DURABILITY - Resistant design. The seat is suitable for everyday use and is made of colour ingrained duroplast, so scratches won’t show. You get 10 years’ warranty.