A functional classic for Industriens Hus

During the extensive refurbishment of Industriens Hus in Copenhagen, Pressalit Seats was selected to supply toilet seats for the entire building. The contractor chose one of Pressalit Seats' most popular models, which with its smart functions makes cleaning easier for the company's cleaning staff.

The renovation of Industriens Hus in Copenhagen's city hall square is one of the most talked about Danish building projects in recent times. When the Confederation of Danish Industries decided to bring their head office into the 21st century, the choice of toilet seats fell on the popular Sign model from Pressalit Seats. Sales consultant Kenneth Jensen at Pressalit Seats explains that the classic white seat not only complements the look of Industriens Hus, but also makes the daily lives of the cleaning staff easier.

"Sign is a classic Scandinavian model, which complements Industriens Hus with its shape. The model has a tight, Nordic design, which is supported by the lid's elegant curve. Sign was recently updated with a "lift-off" function, which makes it possible to remove the seat during cleaning. This makes it easier and quicker to clean the building's toilets, and reduces the workload for the cleaning staff," explains Kenneth Jensen.

Agreement secures solid collaboration

During the building process, Pressalit Seats had ongoing contact with the Confederation of Danish Industries' building manager and the building's plumbing company L&H-Rørbyg. The excellent collaboration resulted in Pressalit Seats being selected to deliver all 157 toilet seats to Industriens Hus, and in Pressalit Care being the first choice for supplying wash basins and support arms for the building's disabled toilets.

Facts about Industriens Hus:

  • Industriens Hus is the headquarters for the business and employer organisation the Danish Confederation of Industries, which represents 10,000 companies in Denmark with a total of 1 million employees. 
  • The refurbishment of Industriens Hus was designed by the Arhusian architects firm Transform.
  • The modernised building was completed in May 2013 after an extensive refurbishment, which took 970 days.
  • The house has a characteristic glass face with LED lights, which communicates with the city through changing graphical patterns that move around on the building. 
  • Industriens Hus is a low-energy class 2-house, which is powered by energy from solar panels and collects rainwater for watering and toilet flushing.