Trends and facts in brand new packaging

Pressalit Seats has launched a new, dynamic website - packed with the season's design trends and user-friendly tools for choosing the right seat.

Welcome to Pressalit Seats' new online world. Here you will easily find a seat to fit any toilet bowl. On both the website and the app for your iPad, it's now easy to search based on shape and measurements or toilet manufacturer and model.

Suitability lists, product sheets and installation instructions have become easier to navigate online - and are now in a printable format. And if you visit the website from your smartphone, the site will automatically adapt its format.

On the website you can also see which toilet seats are particularly suited to larger projects, and you can also download and print installation instructions and product sheets.

Finding the perfect seat is easy

In the website's interactive product menu, you get an overview of the full range of seats, accessories, hinges and spare parts, so you can easily find the right solution. The products are split according to:
  • product group
  • segment
  • function
  • design type
  • shape 
  • colour
  • installation
  • manufacturer 

Inspiring design

You will also find the latest trends and ideas in colours, materials and design for your bathroom. Delivered to you in a dynamic format and together with Birgitte Tarp, interior design expert for the Danish lifestyle magazine Bo Bedre.

Have a look at the section on refurbishing, which through text and photos guides you towards transforming an old, dark bathroom to a gorgeous room filled with light, colour and well-being.

Enough from us - why not see for yourself by clicking through the menu.