The iPad works for you

Pressalit Seats's specially designed iPad app makes it easy to find out which seats fit a given toilet. You also get a complete product overview of your possible seat choices.

Enter the shape and measurements or toilet manufacturer and model on your iPad. The intelligent Pressalit Seats app will then provide a complete list of which toilet seats match the bowl you need a new seat for.

The possible seat choices will not only be presented to you by name, but also with a picture and relevant product specifications. You can filter your search by colour or function.
These options make the app a useful and modern tool, which has already made several fitters and customer service department banish printed suitability lists to the bin.

Search via the website

The app is free and you can download in on your iPad via the App Store (enter link). Here on the website, you can also use the same search function to find the toilet seat you need.