3 ways to prevent back pain

Back pain is a very common health issue in developed countries. Around a third of all adults suffer from back pain every month.

Back pain can be either chronic or acute. The most common form of back pain is acute, and it rarely lasts longer than one and a half month. The acute back pain is often the result of doing everyday activities incorrectly. These activities include lifting heavy things, sitting and standing in specific positions and other daily activities, which people usually not give much thought.

Nonetheless, back pain is an issue that is quite easy to prevent. It can be done by implementing these 3 tips in your lifestyle:





  1. Exercising. This is the most effective tip to prevent back pain. You are more likely to suffer from back pain, if you are in bad shape. Thus, simple everyday activities can cause pain in your back.  Strong muscles in the back can prevent extra weight from overtaxing the spinal disks. Being in good shape also means, keeping your weight down and if you for example have a heavy stomach due to overweight, you are more likely to experience back pain, as extra stomach weight can add strain on the back.


  2. Consider ergonomics at work. Take ergonomics into account, both at home and at work. If you work in occupational therapy, your working activities include a lot of lifting. In relation to this occupation, working with flexible and adjustable health care design can prevent you from experiencing back pain. For example, Pressalit's height-adjustable toilets for a flexible bathroom, which assure a good and healthy work posture, which prevents you from putting a strain on your back.


  3. Sleeping position. It is a good idea to sleep sideways, which is the best sleeping position for avoiding back pain. It is also an option to sleep on the stomach. In that case, place a pillow under your lower body to remove stress from your back. In addition, good conditions for sleeping, such as a supportive mattress and a pillow that suits your neck, is a good way to avoid back pain as well.


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